Viking Lotto

Australian lottery fans have access to several Australia-based lottery games, but the opportunities to play and win don’t end there. Thanks to the exceptional growth in the mobile and online gaming industries, players in Australia are also able to participate in lottery games based all over the world, whenever and wherever they have that inclination. is a handy resource in this respect, as it has all the information players need to get the most out of mobile and online lottery play.

The Viking Lotto game is proving a popular attraction, and its minimum jackpot payout of 7-million Norwegian Krone (around AU$1.1-million at current exchange rates) is a substantial win in anyone’s language. The maximum jackpots paid have been known to top ten times that amount. Viking Lotto is collaboration between the national lotteries of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden, and is available to residents of those countries as well as players worldwide, through authorised online lottery providers. It may not be the biggest transnational lottery in Europe, but it is certainly the oldest, having been launched originally in 1993.

Viking Lotto Playing Details

The Viking Lotto draw is run by the Norwegian national lottery company; Norsk Tipping AS, and draws take place every Wednesday evening in Hamar, Norway. Viking Lotto is played with one set of 48 balls. Players select any six numbers between 1 and 48 inclusive, and six main and two additional balls are drawn. The player has to match all six main numbers to win the first-division jackpot, and the two additional balls come into play when deciding some of the lower-value prizes.

At you can learn all the ins and outs of this particular lottery. By making Viking Lotto available across several nations, the number of possible players increases, which results in bigger jackpot pools. Unlike other transnational lotteries like Euro Millions or Euro Jackpot, in which all prizes are awarded and paid by the central lottery fund, in Viking Lotto only the first-level jackpot winner is common across all jurisdictions. Lower-value prizes are regionally and nationally decided.

Syndicates make Bigger Bets Possible

There are a number of ways to maximise potential wins in online lotteries. Relying on the advice and expertise is a good start, but because lotteries can only offer the hefty jackpots that they do if the odds against winning are extremely high, the surest strategy to secure wins more often is to cover as many numbers as possible for each week’s draw.

Nobody can bet on all of the 8.8-billion-plus possible combinations of six numbers between 1 and 48, and even if they could, the return on the investment would be too small to cover the bets. However, a group of players in a syndicate can share costs and thus afford to place a wide variety of bets every week. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot numbers, you will have many more opportunities for lower-value winning combinations at every weekly draw. If your syndicate does win the first-division jackpot, AU$10-million or more is still a great deal of money, even split several ways.

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