Sic Bo Online

The game of Sic Bo originated in Ancient China where players used two painted bricks that displayed symbols. The aim was to predict the outcome of these thrown bricks. Since Sic Bo translates to mean two bricks or dice pair it is believed the game was originally played with two bricks then dice. There is no account of how the game began using three dice. The game made its way around the world in the late 1800’s with Chinese migrants and became popular in land based casinos. The close proximity between China and Australia has made Sic Bo even more popular with the large number of Chinese tourists. Since the advent of the internet Australians no longer have to visit land based casinos to enjoy the game.

Australia’s Best Online Sic Bo Sites has compiled a list of the best places to play this ancient Chinese dice game. With the internet having such a vast amount of online Sic Bo games and the ever increasing popularity this game has in Australia, Australian players need to look no further as these sites are thoroughly reviewed to ensure they offer only the best Australian friendly services.

The wide range of premium service offered includes top-notch protection for the players’ personal information and funds. The sites allow for Australian dollars to be used so no unnecessary exchanging of foreign currencies is needed. All banking methods are safe, convenient and user friendly. Important aspects in rating the top sites are how fast the winnings are paid out, how high the pay outs are and what incentives are offered to players to begin playing Sic Bo at the respective site. ensures that generous welcome bonuses, special promotions and other bonuses offered to frequent players are taken into account when reviewing the recommended sites.

Playing Sic Bo Games Online

For those unfamiliar with the rules, strategies and betting options of this game, offers information on everything that is needed to gain a better understanding. The top listed sites offer free play versions for players to practice before depositing any Australian dollars.

Apart from the different functions the various devices offer, online Sic Bo is played much the same as the traditional version. The goal is to bet on what the outcome may be of rolling the three dice. No skill is required as it is a game that relies mostly on chance but there are various strategies to the betting options to help produce the most favourable outcomes.

Since betting options and pay outs vary from country to country, Australians will be pleased to know that due to their high Chinese tourist population they are known to have the highest pay outs for Sic Bo. Bets can be placed on total values, single numbers, triples, specific doubles, big bets numbered between eleven and seventeen and small bets which are numbered from four to ten.

Benefits of Online Sic Bo

Playing online allows players to play the game at their own pace without having to wait for other players to make their move. The faster play vastly increases the chances of winning as the more you play the higher the odds are. Best of all is the fact that Australian players can play both in the comfort of their own home or on the go during their normal day to day activities when they play on a mobile device.

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