Powerball Australia Lottery

Powerball Australia is a lottery game based on the American version of the same name which all Australians in all the different states can take part in. The very first Powerball Australia was launched in May 1996 and in 2013 the lottery game was updated and changed to include the seven numbers. It is one of the biggest lotteries in Australia, holding a jackpot record of AUD$80 million which was won in 2009. The enormous potential this lottery has at winning large jackpots has made it one of Australia’s favourite lotteries to play.

Best Places to Play Australian Online Powerball

With any sort of online gambling it is important to use only the safest sites for any real money transfers. MobileLottoAustralia.com.au has made the whole process of playing Powerball Australia safe and easy for Australian lottery players by compiling a list of the best places available online. These sites offer comprehensive information on all aspects they need to know about the Australian lottery. Entering the lottery online is easy with convenient and reliable banking methods to pay for the chosen numbers.

The sites displaying the winning numbers immediately after the draw make checking winning results simple and some of the best places will have an option to email players to inform them of any wins. These sites are accessible through mobile devices so the winning numbers can be checked at any time without having to make it home to watch the draw live on the television. Mobile devices can also be used to pick the selection of the players chosen numbers, make payments and withdraw any winning amounts.

How to Play Australian Powerball

The Powerball Australia lottery uses two different barrels that randomly draw the winning lottery numbers. The first barrel has forty numbers where six of them are drawn at random and the second barrel draws the one Powerball number from a barrel of twenty numbers. A computer can generate an automated pick of the six random numbers and a Powerball number for each lottery line. For players choosing their own numbers on a coupon, the six numbers are selected separately from the Powerball number. Powerball Australia draws take place weekly, on Thursday nights.

Winning with the Australian Powerball

MobileLottoAustralia.com.au ensures the sites offer all the information on the odds, the numbers that are drawn and all the information on the different divisions that offer winning prizes. Powerball Australia offers eight different divisions that offer a prize. The first division pays a prize for having all six of the winning numbers as well as the correct Powerball number. The second division is a win for having all of the six winning numbers. Third division is five winning numbers and the Powerball and the fourth division is five winning numbers only. The fifth and sixth divisions are having four and three winning numbers and the correct Powerball. Division seven is four winning numbers and the eighth division pays out for the minimum win of two winning numbers and the Powerball.

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