Online Lotto in Australia

Traditionally, Australia’s state governments have used their jurisdiction over gambling regulation and licensing to run state lotteries, the proceeds of which support health, arts and sports programmes. But with the advent of private online gaming companies, combined with the possibilities of online lotto, Australia has found an even more efficient option. State governments can still retain ownership of their individual state lotteries, but license private sector companies to operate the games nationwide, online and via mobile.

Only in Western Australia is the lottery company, Lotterywest, still state-operated as well as state-owned. In collaboration with the gaming giant Tattersall’s (officially the Tatts Group Limited), the individual state-owned lotteries now operate as a bloc to administer each state’s local lotto games nationwide. Mobile sites make playing the different lotteries even simpler: online lotto, Australia is discovering, is now a pastime that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. For Australian lotto enthusiasts, is an invaluable resource, packed with everything they need to know about the local lotto options.

Three of the Major Online Lotto Options

For fans of online lotto, Australia offers several options. Here are three of the major online lotto Australia options that any serious player should check out:
– The Lotto; this comprises two nationally based sub-categories syndicated in all Australian states and territories, run by the Tatts Group Limited: the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, and the Saturday Lotto. The Saturday Lotto, which goes by several brand names in different states (the X Lotto in South Australia, the Gold Lotto in Queensland, Tattslotto in Tasmania, ACT, Victoria and the Northern Territory), is probably the easiest to play and the most popular. It offers first-division jackpots each week of an estimated AU$4-million, although in the Superdraws held several times a year, the jackpot can rise as high as AU$30-million.
– Oz Lotto; the nationwide online lotto Australia enjoys on Tuesday nights, also operated by Tatts. Players need to match seven numbers in the draw rather than six, so the odds are longer; but the first-division jackpot amount, guaranteed to be at least AU$2-million, can often be much higher. This lottery holds the current record for the largest first-division jackpot in Australian lottery history: almost AU$112-million, shared between four winners in 2012.
Powerball; administered by Tatts and based on the US lottery of the same name. Players have to match six numbers drawn from one barrel containing 40 balls and a seventh “powerball” drawn from a separate barrel of 20 balls. Because the odds against hitting all seven numbers are so high, it can produce serious jackpots: for example, an AU$80-million payout in 2009.

It’s Not All Balls

Super 66, drawn on Saturdays (or a similar game called Lotto Strike in New South Wales, drawn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays) is a popular “add-on” game; players usually buy a ticket in addition to their Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Lotto tickets. The winning balls are drawn just before the main Lotto draw on each night. But online lotto Australia also has options beyond balls plucked out of a barrel: the Lucky Lotteries rely on raffle-style ticket draws, for instance, and the Australian Soccer Pools generate winning numbers based on the weekly football results (in Australian or European leagues, depending on the season).

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