National Lotto Draw

The Australian national lotto games are incredibly simple to play, lots of fun and often pay out the first division jackpot prizes. There are various Australian lottery games available for both regional and national levels that are drawn on most nights of the week. Many of the regional based lottery organizations operate as a joint unit and offer national games by merging the entries and winnings. The various national lotto games vary in their regulations depending on which state the players reside in, like the legal age limits for purchasing lottery tickets. For anyone who is unsure about how to play any of the national lotto games online, offers detailed information on how to proceed and at which of the online lotto sites are the best to play at.

The Best Online Places to Enter the National Lotto

With the internet having such a vast plethora of online lotteries it cannot be guaranteed that all sites are safe to play on. Since playing the lottery involves real money transactions it is vital to play at only the best rated Australian lottery sites which is why has listed the best online places to take part in Australia’s national lotto in a safe environment. These sites have been thoroughly reviewed to bring Australian lottery players the best service and customer support. Registering an account is made simple and convenient banking methods are available for depositing Australian dollars into the players’ personal accounts. Lotto tickets can be purchased any time up until a cut off time which is usually a few hours before the draw takes place. Many of the top rated sites will offer an email service where the winning numbers will be sent directly to the players account to add convenience to checking what the drawn numbers are. The convenience is further enhanced by the fact that mobile devices can be used on the go and there are many safe downloadable applications that lottery games can be played on.

Different Types of National Lottery Games offers all relevant information regarding the types of national lotto games that are available to be played at the best rated lotto sites as well as the history of the various games and their specific record jackpot prizes. Some of the most popular national lotto games are the Saturday Lotto and the Oz Lotto. The Saturday Lotto is a lottery that is drawn on Saturday nights. Players from all Australian territories can take part. This lottery was the first of its kind in Australia and is based on the European style lotteries where six random numbers are drawn from a barrel that holds forty numbers. The Australians eventually changed the numbers in the barrel to be forty five to help decrease the chances of winning. The Saturday national lotto holds a guaranteed first division prize which is usually shared between several winning players. Oz Lotto is another national game that holds its draw on a Tuesday night. Oz Lotto was originally played the same as the Saturday Lotto where six numbers are drawn from forty five numbers in the barrel but in 2005 an additional number was added to the draw. The seventh number was believed to increase the odds of winning the first division prize.

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