Best Mobile Australian Lotteries

Australia’s state governments have long used state lotteries to raise funds for use in health, arts and sports support initiatives. The federal government leaves the licensing and regulation of gambling up to each individual state, and all seven have seen state lotteries as a way to let Australians chase their dreams, while at the same time raising revenue to fund areas that need it. But regional restrictions on playing different lottery games have declined with the advent of private online gaming companies, along with the easy access to Australian lotteries that mobile and online gaming have made possible.

In most cases, state governments still own their individual state lotteries, and the proceeds still go to supporting good causes, but authorities have outsourced the operation of Australian lotteries to private sector companies who can offer them nationwide, online or via mobile. Only Western Australia’s state-owned lottery company, Lotterywest, is still also operated by the state. Individual state-owned lotteries now operate as a bloc, collaborating with gaming giant Tatts, jointly administering nationwide online lotto games that were previously only available regionally.

Thanks to mobile sites, most Australian lotteries can be accessed by keen players 24/7 from wherever they happen to be; as long as they have a mobile connection. Players who are still hesitant about online gambling but would like to give Australian lotteries a try, should first do their homework on sites like, which has all the information they need.

Huge Jackpots to Be Won

Apart from Lotterywest, Jumbo Interactive (aka Ozlotteries), Intralot Australia and Netlotto are all successful companies providing Australian lotteries online. The Tatts Group Limited, however, is the acknowledged behemoth of the industry, with the biggest range of games. Tatts presents at least one nationwide lottery (and on some days, two or three) five nights a week. Lucky Lotteries, a draw-lottery brand that is only drawn, raffle-style, once the full complement of tickets has been sold, can have a draw on any day of the week, depending on how quickly the tickets move on sale. So strictly speaking, a win on Australian lotteries is a seven-day-a-week possibility.

Tatts administers several popular lottery brands, including the Saturday Lotto, the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto on Tuesday nights, and the Thursday night Powerball. Weekly first-division jackpots of between AU$1-million and AU$4-million are the norm, although the Saturday Lotto holds several Superdraws during the course of a year, in which the jackpots rise as high as AU$30-million. The Powerball has been known to rise as high as AU$80-million. You will find more details of the different games and bets available at

Enjoy Various Australian Lotteries

There are several other Australian lotteries that are more properly explored on The Tatts Set For Life lottery, for example, pays jackpot winners U$20,000 per month in instalments for 20 years, rather than a single lump sum. Australian lotteries are not all ball-based: the Lucky Lotteries are more of a raffle-ticket draw, and the Australian Soccer Pools generate winning numbers based on the weekly football results (in Australian or European leagues, depending on where it is football season). Syndicates are another way to maximise winnings; a group of Australian lotteries players who pool their bet money to make multiple bets per draw will stand a better chance of hitting several smaller prizes, or even the first-division jackpot, while at the same time minimising each member’s exposure to risk.

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