The Best Keno Games

There is no need to sift through the plethora of games that are available online as here at the best Australian friendly sites offering the highest quality keno games have been listed for you. These recommended sites offer the safest environment for players to make all the necessary real money transactions and full round the clock customer support. They thoroughly test the games to ensure they offer excellence in all aspects of a smooth and profitable gaming experience.

All online platforms, especially mobile devices, will have many compatible options to play including keno games that are accessible by playing directly in the web browser as well as downloadable applications. Players who may be unfamiliar with the game can enjoy free play options as well as no deposit games. This allows players to learn the rules without having to risk any loss of Australian dollars. ensures these sites offer enticing start up bonuses and other generous offers for playing the keno games they have listed.

About the Online Keno Game

The origins of keno date back to 3 000 years ago where it was first played during the Han Dynasty in China. There is an incredibly long and rich history associated with this game. Even though it is such an old game, it took the advent of the internet to make it a worldwide success.

There are a number of ways to play keno namely live, on video through a machine or online. No matter which way is played the basic set up and rules are the same. Live keno does however hold new draws every five minutes while the online version allows players to play at their own pace. Playing on a mobile device allows players to play on the go. The game is a lotto style game where a board displays eighty numbers randomly. Players choose up to twenty numbers, depending on the specific casino, and once these are selected a random generator will draw twenty numbers. If any of the randomly drawn numbers match any of the player’s selection, a win is paid out according to the value of the numbers and how many of the numbers made a match.

How to Play Online Keno

At you will find all the necessary information regarding the rules and steps to playing keno. It is a rather simple game that requires little skill and much like other lottery style games, the outcome is entirely based on luck.

Firstly the value of the coins need to be chosen and the amount of coins that will be wagered. The player then need to choose between one and twenty numbers on the game’s board. These can be selected and unselected if desired. The game has easy access to the pay table that will tell you what value each number holds and what the pay-out will be. Once the numbers are selected and the wager is placed the player can begin the game by selecting the “play” function. As the twenty numbers are drawn, any matching numbers on the game board will highlight and change colour. Any winning matches will be paid out accordingly and the round will end. The same numbers can be played again by selecting the “play” function and the “clear” function will clear the game board and new numbers can be chosen.

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