Free Lotto Games Online

Although Australia has a number of different lottery games offered by different states, almost all of them are now available to all Australians nationwide through mobile and online lottery sites. The states still retain ownership of their lotto games, and apply the profits thereof to a number of social programmes, but the for-profit operators have the infrastructure and the network to run these games more cost-effectively.

Despite the fact that players betting real money on Australian lotteries can win between AU$1-million and AU$4-million every week, with some mega-jackpots reaching AU$80-million or even more than AU$100-million, gamblers always like to get something for nothing. That’s why so many are prepared to try “free lotto games”, without first checking that they are in fact truly free. We recommend checking out the free lotto games offers at the sites recommended by our professional team to ensure that you enjoy genuine free lotto rather than an information-gathering scam or worse, financial fraud.

Free Lotto Games that are Indeed Free

There are two types of free lotto games that, generally, are genuinely free. At real-money online and mobile lottery sites, where players expect to pay for their bets anyway, free lotto games can be offered as a promotional bonus to reward players for their loyalty. This is similar to the free lotto cards occasionally handed out as part of newspaper promotional incentives, for example. The other type of free lotto games are to be found at sites that genuinely do let players play and win for free, because the volume of traffic on their site makes them an attractive destination for advertisers.

The more regular players a site can attract with genuine free lotto games, the more advertising it can sell, which offsets the value of the prizes given away and allows the site to remain profitable. features all the information that explains these types of free lotto games in more detail.

Too Good to Be True? It is!

While is highly recommended as the go-to site for all your Australian lotto queries, there are some warning signs so obvious that you don’t even need to check with the experts before you walk away.

Out-of-the-blue email invitations to play “free lotto games”, for example, are highly suspicious, especially if you have had no previous dealings with online betting sites. Any site that offers only a few, poor-quality “free lotto games”, but insists on a full registration process, including your email address and banking details, should be avoided.

They are either collecting and selling email addresses to spammers, or trying to get you to pay an “administration fee” before your winnings can be “released”. If, after you pay, your winnings never materialise, you could find that the offending site is in a jurisdiction that makes it very hard for you to get the fraud reversed. Pay attention to other online lottery players, too; they are particularly vocal when they are dissatisfied, so you’ll know to avoid any sites that get negative reviews denouncing the quality of their “free lotto games” offer.

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