Mobile Euro Jackpot Lottery

With a first-division jackpot that starts at €10-million and can roll over to as much as €90-million, the Euro Jackpot Lottery can set winners up for life. With the Euro currently worth around AU$1.50, it’s not surprising that so many Australian lottery enthusiasts are learning all about the Euro Jackpot Lottery at

The transnational lottery was launched in early 2012, and the countries currently participating are Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. However, like many lottery fans around the world, Australians also have access to the Euro Jackpot Lottery via privately operated online casinos that are registered in any of those countries and licensed to offer the game. By operating transnationally, lotteries of this type are made available to a larger pool of players, which results in bigger jackpots. The Euro Jackpot Lottery was conceived to compete with the Euro Millions Lottery, with 270-million potential players in the participating countries, as opposed to Euro Millions’ 217-million.

As with Euro Millions, the Euro Jackpot Lottery draws five main numbers from a pool of 50 balls, but the two supplementary numbers (called “Euronumbers” in this lotto) are drawn from a separate pool of 10 balls, as opposed to 11 in Euro Millions. So players’ odds of a big win are slightly better in the Euro Jackpot Lottery, and it pays out more frequently than Euro Millions (although with smaller jackpot amounts). The draw is made every Friday evening in Helsinki, while evaluation of the winning tickets is handled in Germany and Denmark.

The Euro Jackpot Lottery Format

Players pick five main numbers from 50 possibilities, and two Euronumbers from a pool of 10. The two pools of balls are spun in separate barrels, and five main numbers and two Euronumbers drawn. Players must match all seven numbers for a first-division win, and if no seven-number match occurs, the jackpot rolls over and is added to the jackpot for the next draw.

There are, however, 11 other winning tiers below the jackpot level, which pay out for matches as small as two main numbers and one Euronumber, or one main number and two Euronumbers. The largest Euro Jackpot Lottery win to date has been €90-million, won by a Czech Republic player in May 2015.

Play Can be a Group Effort

As Australians who do frequent are discovering, many big-money lotteries like the Euro Jackpot Lottery offer huge rewards, but the long odds against a first-division jackpot win and the multiple smaller wins available means that players ought to play several number picks per draw to maximise potential returns. This can become expensive, which is the point at which syndicate play becomes attractive.

With five, six or even 10 players clubbing in to cover several bets every week, the players’ chances of winning are enhanced. Players without potential syndicate partners in their social circle can find and join syndicates online. And if they do happen to hit a first-division jackpot, they are guaranteed at least €10-million. Even split 10 ways, that adds up to a substantial windfall.

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