Mobile Caribbean Super Lotto

More and more Australian lottery fans are discovering the winning possibilities of playing lotteries online and via mobile. is a mine of useful information about the worldwide lottery opportunities available to Australians, particularly with regard to high-payout games like Caribbean Super Lotto. A multi-jurisdictional game available to the residents of Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, Paraguay, St Kitts and Nevis, St Maarten and the US Virgin Islands, Caribbean Super Lotto can also be played via certain authorised online and mobile casinos from anywhere in the world.

With a minimum starting jackpot for a first-division win the equivalent of US$1.5-million (almost AU$2.1-million at current rates), Caribbean Super Lotto can provide winners with a healthy windfall, and certainly with enough to afford an idyllic island holiday in the Caribbean sun, at least. And thanks to the mobile lottery option, anyone with a mobile device has access to the game wherever they are, whenever they like.

How Caribbean Super Lotto Works

Caribbean Super Lotto draws take place every Tuesday and Friday evening, and the game works on a standard “Powerball” format. Players choose five numbers from the pool 1-35, and one number from a second set of the numbers 1-10. The draw is by means of balls randomly selected from a spinning drum, with five balls drawn from a pool of 35 balls in one drum, and one ball drawn from a pool of 10 in the other.

Players need to match all six balls (main numbers to main numbers; Powerball to Powerball) in order to win the first-division jackpot, although there are several lower prizes for smaller matching combinations. The odds of a player winning the first-division jackpot are 1 in 3,246,320, which, although steep, are much better odds than other big-payout lottery games that use 50 balls, like Euro Millions or Euro Jackpot.

Syndicates Lower Risks and Enhance Winnings

As any Australian lottery fan knows, the best way to improve your chances of winning in lottery games is to place more bets and thereby cover more of the possible winning combinations. This strategy makes particular sense in games like Caribbean Super Lotto, which have a number of prize-winning divisions below the first-division jackpot. But betting on a wide variety of number picks for every lottery draw can quickly become expensive, which is where syndicate play is very helpful.

A group of players pooling their betting money can place more bets on each lottery draw, giving them a much better chance of hitting the jackpot and qualifying for a number of smaller wins at the same time. Even though syndicates share all wins as evenly as they share the betting risks, a five- or six-way split on a first-division Caribbean Super Lotto is still a substantial amount of money. provides players with a selection of lottery tips like these, to enhance player’s enjoyment while at the same time increasing their chances of major wins. On our site you’ll find everything you need to know about winning big, as well as ample opportunities to do so.

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