Australia’s Best Lottery Options

Australia’s federalist approach to government allows the commonwealth’s states and territories to set their own gambling laws, and all seven have seen the benefit of using state lotteries to fund health, arts and sports programmes.

While giving all Australians the chance to dream big, and in some cases change their lives, these lotteries also help the nation develop, physically and culturally. State owned and operated lottery corporations once comprised the bulk of the lottery sector, but the entry into the market of private companies, combined with the possibilities of online and mobile lotteries, have introduced new economies of scale. It makes sense to most Australian states to retain ownership of their state lotteries, but to outsource the operation of the games to private sector companies; only in Western Australia does the state still own and operate the lottery, through Lotterywest.

Nevertheless, the retention of state ownership still results in extra social funding in each state’s budget, and mobile lotteries online make nationwide access easy, so competition to be the best lottery option on offer is fierce. is a site that lists and explains the various lotteries available, so it’s a must-see when considering your online lottery options.

Lottery Action Every Day

Australia has a number of successful lottery corporations; apart from Lotterywest, there is Jumbo Interactive (aka Ozlotteries), Intralot Australia and Netlotto. The giant of the industry, however, is the Tatts Group Limited, which offers some of the best lottery games for dedicated players. Tatts runs at least one nationwide lottery every night, five days a week. In fact, Lucky Lotteries, a draw-lottery brand originally administered by News South Wales Lotteries but now delivered nationwide by Tatts, is drawn whenever the full quota of tickets has been sold, so lottery wins are possible any day of the week.

Tatts’ best lottery brands, like the Saturday Tattslotto (known as Gold Lotto in Queensland, X Lotto in South Australia, and Saturday Lotto or just Lotto in Western Australia) the Monday and Wednesday Lotto (X Lotto in South Australia), Oz Lotto on Tuesday nights and the Thursday night Powerball, not only deliver weekly first-division jackpots of between AU$1-million and AU$4-million, but also feature extra-large jackpots several times a year. The Tatts Set For Life lottery, also held every Saturday, does not pay out a lump sum. Instead, first-division winners receive AU$20,000 monthly instalments for 20 years. provides a comprehensive assessment of the best lottery options available on any given day.

Search the Best Lottery Variety on Offer

The best lottery games online are not confined to lotteries of the balls-out-of-a-drum sort. We’ve already mentioned Lucky Lotteries, which is a draw lottery similar to a raffle; the winning ticket is only drawn once all the tickets have been sold. The Pools is another unique lottery variation; the winning numbers are assigned according to the results of football matches in either the Australian or European leagues (depending on the season). Each week, 38 matches are assigned specific numbers, and players choose six numbers as their Pools entry. The six football matches that result in the highest-scoring draws that week become the winning numbers, so the Pools is the best lottery choice for those who want to bet on football, without having to learn anything about the sport. At you’ll find much more information on the full variety of lottery games available to Australians.

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